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Kaplan turbines are reaction machines and are suitable for exploiting relatively low hydraulic heads and high flow rates.
The Kaplan turbine is a hydraulic propeller turbine with adjustable blades. It was invented in 1913 by the Austrian professor Viktor Kaplan.
The Kaplan turbine was an evolution of the Francis turbine. Its invention allowed efficient energy production in low-head applications that was not possible with Francis turbines.


Application area:

  • Head up to 30 m
  • Power developed up to 10 MW and mor


Depending on the particular system, we can design and install Kaplan turbines of the following types:

  • Single or double adjustment
  • Vertical or horizontal axis
  • Casing with spiral casing or in a free chamber
  • Bulb Kaplan turbines
  • Pit Kaplan turbines
  • With direct transmission or with gearbox


The turbine is composed of:

  • Runner (3 to 6 blades)
  • Adjustable blade distributor
  • Blades adjustment and movement system
  • Distributor regulation and movement system
  • Draft tube
  • spiral case (optional)