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About HPG

HPG s.r.l. is born from the decennary experience of the best engineers and technicians of the Italian hydroelectric sector.
The company sets on the Italian and international market as a primary producer of hydroelectric power plants of high quality, efficiency and reliability.
Our company offers the engineering, construction and installation of all types of hydraulic turbines (Archimedes' screws, Kaplan, Francis and Pelton) up to a power of about 10 MW per unit. The supply can include both the entire system, including auxiliary hydraulic works (water gates, stop logs, trash cleaners), hydro mechanical turbines and electrical works (medium and low voltage panels, automation, oleo dynamic), or only part of it.
We are specialized both in the construction of completely new hydroelectric plants and in the modernization of obsolete and no longer efficient systems.
We offer our customers a unique and efficient after-sales service that guarantees power plants greater productivity and durability over time.



A Pelton turbine mainly serves to produce electricity through the transformation of potential energy...

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The Francis turbine is a type of hydraulic turbine that was developed by James B. Francis in Lovell, Massachusetts.

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Kaplan turbines are reaction machines and are suitable for exploiting relatively low hydraulic heads and high flow...

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The screw turbine, also known as Archimedes' screw, is a volumetric turbine that exploits the principle...

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HPG s.r.l. offers its knowledge in order to maximize the return on investment of its customers and partners giving the possibility to carry out preliminary...

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HPG s.r.l. sviluppa l’ingegneria di impianti idroelettrici creando la progettazione di base e di dettaglio sia della parte meccanica che elettrica ed automazione.

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HPG s.r.l. employs highly qualified suppliers specialized in the construction of hydraulic machines. From the stages of welding, machining...

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Our highly qualified and motivated staff can perfectly install our turbines ensuring absolute precision in alignment of rotating parts and assembly tolerances.

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Maintenance and interventions in urgency

HPG s.r.l. offers a complete and fast service of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of hydroelectric plants. Thanks to agreements with the largest industrial companies in the electromechanical sector and to the know-how of our technicians, we can act quickly and decisively for the eventual repair of electromechanical equipment, even if not produced by us.

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After sales service

HPG s.r.l. offers its customers an after-sales service guaranteed by the professionalism of its technicians and the most reliable partners.

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